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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What have "I" learned from reading the Bible??

Love, forgiveness, joy, peace.
  LOVE...without conditions, without reservations, to be able to forgive and forget.
  PEACE--to have peace when things are falling apart around me.
  FORGIVENESS--- to forgive those that have offended me.
  JOY---No matter what has come against me...

The love of God transcends any other kind of love....God's love was demonstrated when "JESUS" died at calvary. 
 I am filled with joy and peace because I know that my sins are forgiven.
 A friend or relative will fail at some time or another. Jesus never fails.
 I have learned many things in my life, and I've read many books. The only book that has brought peace to my soul is the bible...the bible has so many words of encouragement. When I feel downhearted, I just begin reading the the "word of God" and soon I am filled with peace. His word is the bread of life...and a light to my path.
 God's word is a path to righteousness.
 I walk by faith every day of my life, I don't take things for granted, for the older I get the more I see how we're not guaranteed tomorrow, my tomorrows have brought dissapointments and heartaches.
Many of my loved ones have passed from this life to eternity, it does grieve me, but I know that my hope is in Jesus and one day I will see them again.  How does one live without hope, I don't think that is possible without the hope that Jesus gives; when he so lovingly said " I am the resurrection and life" I want to be resurrected to a new life. This life I now have, has brought many heartaches and misfortunes, but I wait for a better life.  I continue on my daily walk,  because of the peace and strength God gives me every day.

A post by V. Archuleta


  1. Beautiful meaningful post which testifies of the love of God. It also shows clearly the writer's love for God.
    Thank God for the love of God because really there is nothing without his love.
    One thing I have learned better than anything in life is the love of God remains when all else has faded away or somehow disappeared.
    I rest daily in the love of God!

  2. bohzo Archie

    You have found the greatest richness a human being can ever find! Peace, you have a sense of who you are, it gives you direction and purpose. God means many things to many different people and cultures, but the universal loving of another human being and being able to forgive others who have caused pain, is to free your soul.

    Your writing comes from your heart and it jumps out of your page, it is the best advertisement for God that he could ever ask for. People are afraid of such feelings, it is really sad, it is free.

    Megwetch nikan

  3. hi I like your photo doll, doll-like Indonesian origin named 'susan'

    hi from raden mas

  4. Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.